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SAPAC is a worldwide provider of professional and Technology based construction Services. SAPAC is committed to providing excellent standards of service to customers & clients. Sapac aspire to lead industry best practice in all of its operations. Providing a Safe and Healthy working Environment for employees and to ensuring the safety of others affected by construction operations.

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SAPAC acknowledges its potential to influence change in Environmental Health and Safety Management by applying a risk-based approach to setting HSE objectives, with a view to the prevention of injury and ill health and to continual improvement in both HSE Management systems and HSE performance. Provide safe places of work, safe equipment and safe systems of work. To meet these standards Sapac have developed an Integrated Health, Safety & Environmental Policy and system which has been developed to meet the requirements of the leading internationally recognized OHSAS 18001:2007 (framework for Health and safety Management systems) & ISO 14001/2004 (framework for Environmental Management systems) standards.

Safety Program

Sapac is committed to maintaining a safe and healthful work environment. To achieve this goal, we have developed construction safety plan. This safety system is designed to prevent workplace accidents, injuries, and illness. Our objective is to conduct operations in a safe effective and efficient manner. We achieve this objective through a combination of concerned management, responsible and knowledgeable supervision, and conscientious, well trained employees acting in a proactive approach to manage safety.

SAPAC establishes a safety performance goal for each program:

  • Provide each program with guidelines for uniform implementation of a safety system that ensures strict compliance with statutory requirements.
  • Eliminate personal injury and property damage, thus eliminating human suffering and reducing monetary loss.
  • Establish lines of communication, responsibility, and accountability for the safety system at each worksite.
  • Develop safety policies for areas or activities not covered by federal, state, or local standards.

Sapac is committed to careful reporting and investigation of all injuries, property damage, and production interruption.

Incidents on job sites that result is OSHA recordable injury to an employee of Sapac, or in damage to equipment or property, require investigation and a detailed report. When such incidents take place, the Construction Manager immediately notifies the appropriate job site

Sapac Safety Surveillance

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Sapac is responsible for its own safety programs and for its agents and employees. Safety equipment and safeguards suitable to the occupational hazards involved and conforming to the safety regulations at the worksite must be furnished by each contractor.

In the event of an apparent violation of a safety standard, the Construction Manager will call the violation to the contractor's attention and request that the situation be corrected.

The seriousness of the violation dictates the abatement period allowed. In the event of imminent danger to life, limb, or property, the Construction Manager will insist that the portion of the work affected be stopped until the situation is corrected to minimize the hazards relative to the specific area of work. The Construction Manager will inform the contractor at the time a violation is noted.

All construction sites are equipped with proper safety and environment protection tools; first-aid services are provided at all sites.