Program Management

We follow PMI Program-Management Methodology, all our similar-related-projects are Rolled-up in One-Single Program; this turns out to be very beneficial for our internal processes and for end-results for our clients.

Program Management help us and our Clients in sharing corporate-wide resources, as different projects as fighting for same pool of resources, Program Management kicks-in and coordinate fair distribution of resources according to Schedules and other preset indicators.

Program Management helps us in competing with other contractors by smartly lowering our prices as Procurement becomes easier for us, similar-related-projects share same scheme of materials, buying large quantities from similar materials entitle us for huge discounts from manufacturers. This make everybody happy especial the Client who will get the project done in much lower costs.

Program Management helps us in managing all resources:

  • Manpower
  • Machines

  • Materials
  • Benefits

  • Money
  • Engineering Services