Quality Management

Pan Kingdom Sapac is an approved and qualified contract at all major Clients in Saudi Arabia like: Aramco, SABIC, RC, MODON, GACA, STC, MA’ADEN, etc. These Top Clients are hungry for Quality!

Sapac knows that without proper Quality Management System; it will never make it to these Clients, we completed hundreds of projects with those Clients; we pass all Quality Assurance and Quality Control requirements. On top of that; Sapac has ISO 9001 Quality Certificate


Quality Assurance:

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To assure our clients the extent of our ability; we committed ourselves to the application of standards and quality requirements through the work of our cycle, for each project we create “Project Quality Plan” that constitute a reference for all quality requirements that meet the needs of our customers and a clear commitment from the management of the project. The plan include:

  • Personnel Selection
  • Tests Mechanisms and Screening
  • Received Materials Testing
  • Material specifications and selection of suppliers
  • Ensure the quality of the designs
  • Internal Audit
  • Selection of subcontractors and their dependence

Quality control

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Our Quality Control Processes are not limited to specific activities; it include all civil works, electrical, and mechanical works, all quality tests are done at site and inside calibrated dedicated laboratories “wither owned or outsources to 3rd parties”. All quality tests are carried out by trained qualified engineers.

Tendering - QA/QC Requirements

  • Receive all QA/QC Requirements from tendering department
  • Review the client requirements
  • Based on the client requirements, QA/QC will prepare (Quality Plan, Quality Program, Manual, Procedures, Certificate, QA/QC organization chart, QA/QC team and C’Vs)
  • Submit all documents for tendering department

Manage Head office Quality Management System and ISO 9001:2008 Activities

  • Manage, control and update all Quality Management system documents (Manual, procedures, Certificate, forms……) as per ISO 9001:2008 requirements
  • Received all department requests to develop procedures or forms for example develops Warehouse procedures, purchasing procedures, Assets receiving and disposal
  • Manage and Improve Departments KPI’s
  • Conduct Internal Audit on all departments (semi-annual audit)
  • Open NCR’s based on the internal audit results, and follow-up corrective actions
  • Coordinate with certification body regarding ISO 9001:2008 Certificate
  • Follow up all external audit findings and close it
  • Conduct management review meeting with management and department’s manager

Prepare new awarded Contract/project QA/QC requirements

  • Receive Contract copy and quality requirements of project from Projects Management department
  • List out the quality documentation requirements
  • Prepare project quality documents like Project Quality Plan, Inspection Test Plan, Inspection checklist, work procedures as per client requirements
  • Prepare quality personnel for project based on client requirements
  • Check the availability of resources in current projects
  • Prepare the list of Quality personnel to be hired and get approval from top management
  • Coordinate with HR for new personnel CV’s
  • Selection of quality personnel CV’s and interview
  • Coordinate with project client for approval of quality documents
  • Attend the Project kick off meeting
  • Train the newly hired QA/QC team on client requirements and project documents.
  • Prepare requires quality documents to get approval on third party laboratory if required by client
  • Prepare requires quality documents, calibration for Own Laboratory, Asphalt and Concrete Batch plant to get approval from client

Manage Project QA/QC activities during execution

  • Monitoring the project quality activities through monthly quality reports
  • Coordinate and support the QA/QC team on interpretation of standards and project quality requirements
  • Conduct internal audit on projects on scheduled intervals approved by clients
  • Support the Quality team on management review process
  • Coordinate and support Quality team to close out the NCR, CAR, etc.
  • Support the quality team for preparation of project final handover documents Dossier to client
  • Monitor the calibration records of Laboratory, Concrete and Asphalt batch plant