Earned Values & Milestones

Earned Values

The most advanced tool for Cost-Control, we used this method in medium to large projects; it helps all parties: Client, Consultant, Contractor, Sub-Contractors, Vendors, etc. to be on the same page of how the project is performing and how it will perform in any future point.

At Sapac; we follow PMBOK-PMI Guidelines for all of our Project Management activities, the EVA is the recommended tool for cost control and correct Progress-Measurement.

We continuously train our staff to enforce this tool into our corporate culture.

Milestones Management

We follow PMI-PMBOK standards in managing all of our projects; to avoid any delays, and be able to anticipate possible future delays, we plant “Milestones” allover each project roadmap. Such Milestones will assess our project managers and Clients to decide on “Go/No-Go” decisions, this reduces risks of time or budget overruns.

All our projects scheduling and planning are done via Oracle Primavera; which is connected to our main Oracle ERP backend.