We have more than 25 Specialized Labs distributed around the kingdom: at Jeddah, Yanbu, Madinah, Arar, Hafer Al-Baten, Sudaid, etc. we built such labs to complement our Quality Control Management, all labs have an advanced testing equipment and tools, no material proceed to site unless tested, all other construction materials are also tested after constructed like Concrete Members.

We have a trained staff and specialized department that take care of all of our Laboratories, this include purchasing Lab-Equipment, Testing, Calibration, and Maintaining such equipment in accurate and operational mode.

We also have special department that takes care of 3rd Parties Laboratories, including selecting, visiting, testing, and assessing such 3rd-parties-lab capacities and capabilities before approving them.

Material Test Soil Aggregates Specification Machine and Tools
Soils and Aggregates Sieve Analysis ASTM C136/C117 Sieves
Max dry density ASTM D1557 Automatic compactor
Atterberg limit ASTM D1557 Cassagr and Machine
C.B.R Test AASHTO T193&ASTM D1883 C.B.R Machine
Sand equivalent test   ASTM D2419 Sand Equivalent Shakers
Abrasion test   ASTM C131 Los Angeles Machine (500 rev)
Specific gravity coarse aggregate   ASTM C127 Specific Gravity tools
Specific gravity fine   ASTM C128 Specific Gravity tools
Moisture content of soil ASTM D4643 Microwave Oven
Sand cone test     ASTM D1556 Sand cone
Concrete Compresive strength (Cube & Cylinder)     BS 1881 & ASTM C39 Compression Machine
Capping for Cylinder     ASTM C617 Capping tools
Slump test     ASTM C143 Slump cone
Asphalt Extraction     ASTM C2172 Extraction Machine
Marshal test     ASTM D1559 Marshall Machine
Core testing     ASTM D3665 Core cutting Machine
(Gmm) Theoretical Max SP.Gr for Loose paving Mix test     ASTM D2041 Vacuum Pump &Flask