Based on ITIL standard, Sapac build its e-Model to insure supporting all core-business activity in an efficient way with yearly modifications to comply with business requirements.

As a first phase, Sapac built partnership with KSA ISP providers to acquire network backbone for our WAN network to cover all our branches and main projects with 2 lines (Data & Internet) for accessing our database and emails directly from Sapac servers, with a backup solution for data connections to insure continuous business.

All our branches are connected to Sapac-Network for sooth and seamless operation, according to our agreement with some clients; a special website is created and updated regularly, which makes communication between Client-Consultant-Us very smooth and productive.


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Everything in Sapac is being managed by IT; we are IT-driven contractor, we adapt the following international solutions:

  • Aconex for our Document Management Control; we give access to Client and Consultant to create professional place for exchanging all kind of document
  • Primavera for all scheduling tasks including and not limited to Baseline, Materials Approval Schedule, Major Milestones, Manpower Flow, Machines Flow, Cash Flow, etc.
  • Timberline that is used for Tenders Management
  • Candy, used for estimating prices
  • Oracle ERP, for integrating all services like HR, Finance, Administration, Equipment, Supply Chain, etc. in one single platform
  • Proliance, for managing all our projects that under-construction as one single program, which streamlines Resources Planning and Distribution
  • Rivits, helps in re-designing complex structures, and in Automatic Quantity Surveying
  • Building Information Modeling – BIM; for virtually constructing projects before commencing on ground for real implementation