Build, Operate, and Transfer. The famous model that Government adapt when extreme high quality for long period of years is required. Sapac went in the past through this model many times with the Government and have the full capacity to go alone or via JV in any complex BOT project. On top of that; Sapac is proposing different ideas and models to Ministries of health, education, nuclear power, etc.


Public Private Partnership still young and premature in Saudi Arabia, on the Gulf; we find Kuwait is leading PPP, in Saudi Arabia; some projects went through this model. Sapac knows that when Cash goes down with the Government, this model become the best scenario for any government to continue its development plans and sustain its social responsibilities.

Sapac is continuously modifying its internal capabilities to be one of the pioneers in Saudi Arabia who can go with Government for any kind of mega projects under PPP Model. We are very ready now to go with model, and we are keeping the following active:

  • Training our staff and leaders on aspects of PPP model
  • Track regional adaptation to this Model
  • Track international regulatory bodies to keep updated with standards and regulations of PPP
  • Benchmarking and studding international application; especially the pioneers like UK

Sapac powerful financial capabilities makes us very ready for such model, we are expecting Saudi Arabia will soon adapt this model.