Board Members

Working from the clouds; and managing a mega-company at the strategic level, is not a simple task or short journey! It is a major responsibility; the entire operations are dependent on such strategy, and billions of Riyals coupled with huge number of transactions will be committed, being at this position and leading others is very challenging. To shape the strategy of a such a multi-billion company; you got to have a clear Vision. And Vision got to be aligned with changes in politics and economy. It is like steering a ship in the middle of the ocean; sometimes with thunderstorms. Diversification, horizontal expansion, client satisfaction, deeper relationship with Clients, exposure to international alliances, and selecting the right projects are the recipe for success. With my colleagues at the Board of Directors; we solved the complex formula of alignment with market changes, we are now immune against any prices change, any new regulations, and any new technologies. With this formula, we keep monitoring Risk Management, continuous SWOT Analysis, financial capabilities, and government spending trends. We have a very clear Vision that will take us to the top of the construction market charts, this Vision will make Pan Kingdom Sapac one of the Top-5 EPC’s in Saudi Arabia. Welcome to the world of Sapac.

Sulaiman Saleem Alharbi – Chairman