Project Control

When it comes to Controlling Projects; Sapac takes the associated tasks seriously, as a non-controlled project is always vulnerable to risks of scope creep, delays, overrun budget, etc.

Sapac philosophy in Projects Control is based on scientific approach that includes all the processes and procedures required to manage the any construction project in all its phases, this ensures client satisfaction.

The target of projects control is to execute the project within the required specifications and standards, commitment with the project time frame, and apply the highest safety and quality standards.

To ease controlling tasks, Sapac project initiation, based on comprehensive planning on the early stage of the life cycle of the project as follows:


  • Project Schedule
  • Engineering & Shop Drawings Plan
  • Procurement Plan

  • Recourses Plan
  • Subcontractor Plan
  • Contract Administration & Communication Plan

  • Quality Control Plan
  • Quality Assurance Plan
  • Health Safety & Environment Plan

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These Plans considered the base for execution and control of the projects, these plans assist the project management team to monitor and rectify any issues may affect the project performance.

The project-control considered one of the major roles for project management team through the life cycle of the project, they ensure that the above mentioned plans are performed by transferring them to performance indicators and KPIs to guarantee the followings:

  • Project is constructed within safety requirements
  • Project is constructed within time frame and budget
  • Project is constructed within contract conditions and specifications
  • Project is constructed within safety requirements
  • Project data are transferred between concern parties as required
  • Project is constructed within Quality standard
  • Reports are submitted periodically with accurate data

The followings are the details procedures for the project control of the project

Project schedule

At the beginning of the project, the project baseline schedule is prepared, identifying the start and end date for the project, main project works/phases, through using CPM and Primavera as planning tools. Work Break Down Structure (WBS) is prepared based on the top to lowest level of the works, and the activities for each WBS are defined into controllable manageable packages level, resources and costs are allocated to each activities. To maintain the project schedule updated, the progress of each activities is inserted periodically, to calculate the project progress, and performance.

Recourses Plan

The driving force for any project are resources, one of the main schedule deliverables are resources quantification, and assignment duration for each resources:

  • Labor
  • Equipment
  • Materials
  • Subcontractors (if any)

Document Control

As part of communication plan, the process of control contract documents, drawings, transmittal, and all project deliveries, the control process include coding, archiving, and updating in order to be accessible to the project team. Sapac is using Aconex extensively for document management & control.

Cost Control

The cost control process include control and manage the actual project cost to ensure that the project is not exceeding the target budget. Daily monitoring and recording of the project resources expenditure per project chart of account, and analysis the project cost performance by Earn Value Method (EVM), which enable the project team to take the mitigation action in case of project overrun, and enriching the company estimation data base.

Progress report progress

The monthly progress report is the powerful tool enable the project team, client to have clear picture for the project and include:

  • Project description
  • Project progress and schedule update
  • Labor & equipment report
  • Procurement
  • Shop drawings log
  • Cash Flow
  • Change Order
  • HSE Report
  • Quality Report
  • Project Photos

Contract Administration

The contract administration, rule including, ensure commitment to the contract conditions, and change management for any change or variation order through life cycle of the project

Risk Control

Continuous monitoring to Risk-Register, by weekly updating Risk Impact, Risk Probability, Risk Like-hood to occurs, and analysis of associated Risk’s Costs.